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Valentine's Day 2019 - Celebrating Me

As someone who has never had someone special to celebrate Valentine's with, Valentine's Day can make a girl feel a bit... how do I put it.... left out, excluded, undesirable, unwanted and unappealing. But, this year I choose to be the special someone I celebrate Valentine's Day with.

No longer will I wait and hope that some guy will ask me out, send me flowers or take me to some fancy dinner. No longer will I allow this "holiday" to dictate how I feel about myself, nor will I allow it to make me feel sad, left out, excluded, or unwanted. This year, Valentine's Day will not just be for the couples but for me! A single woman. This is a holiday to celebrate love, so this valentines Day, I choose to love myself. I choose to love my fellow sisters and friends. I choose to celebrate love! Not just the love shared between significant others but also love for myself and my singleness.

So, to all the single women and men out there who like me, don't have that special someone to celebrate Valentine's Day with, join me in celebrating love! Love for ourselves. Join me in taking ownership of our day this February 14th, 2019. Treat yourself to a fancy dinner, buy yourself some chocolate and flowers, go out with friends and just enjoy the day and top it off with a delicious cake ;p.

Celebrate you! Treat yourself and order yours today!
Valentine's Day Cake... Celebrate you! Treat yourself and order yours today!

Let's not let society dictate when and how to love. Let us choose for ourselves when we love, who we love and how we love. And as we choose love, let's not only love those around us but DO love yourselves too.

Happy Valentine's Day to all the single men and women out there and of course to all the couples too!!! Let's all celebrate love!!! Whether it's love for ourselves and friends, or love for our significant others!

***P.S. Make sure you order your Valentine's Day cake!! I would love to help you celebrate this Valentine's Day.... singles and couples alike ^^ ***

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